Happy Halloween! What are the Halloween Domains Doing?

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Happy Halloween! What are the Halloween Domains Doing?

I would like to wish all my readers a Happy Halloween and I hope those who are out Trick or Treating this evening have a great Halloween…

I thought I would have a quick look at some of the popular Halloween Domain Names today and see what is happening with them? Are they Developed, Parked , Not Resolving etc. So below are a list of Halloween related domain names if I have missed any of the list please leave me a comment and let me know.

Halloween.com – This is a developed website by Domain Investor Christian Riley who also owns SantaClaus.com and Phonebook.com, Hurricane.com and other domain names.

HalloweenCostumes.com – This is developed ecommerce site which is getting a ton of traffic just now – Looking at there Alexa Ranking – Ranked number 1,321 most popular website in the USA and 11,445 in the world – I bet there competitors would love to own this dot com domain name – Look at the Alexa Graph and see the huge surge in Traffic at this time of the year and similar last year.

HalloweenCostume.com – Again another developed ecommerce site, while it does seem to be getting some traffic is only a fraction of the plural above. – Ranked 289,823 in the USA and 1,055,859 in the world, Alexa doesn’t give a true indication of traffic of all traffic but is a good indicator, It is still an awesome domain name to own that I am sure with a little bit of SEO time spent could compete with HalloweenCostumes.com

HalloweenCandy.com – Owned by Candy Warehouse LLC and redirected to CandyWarehouse.com Halloween Candy section.

HalloweenParty.com – Owned by DL Webb Domain Investor and currently parked at DomainSponsor.com

HalloweenDecorations.com – Owned by Nett Corp Domain Investor and currently parked at DomainNameSales.com

JackOLaterns.com – Owned by Frank Schilling Domain Investor and currently parked at DomainNameSales.com

JackOLatern.com – Owned by Precision Marketing Solutions Domain Investor and currently parked at VooDoo.com

Pumpkin.com & Pumpkins – Owned by Scott Day Digi Media / Reflex Admin and currently parked on there Direct DigiMedia.com parking platform.

HappyHalloween.com – At time of writing this post was getting an error 404 message.

TrickOrTreat.com – Owned by Jakks Pacific – Appears to reditect to another great generic dot com domain name Disguise.com

Do you own any Halloween Domain Names?

What is the best Halloween Domain Name you have seen developed?

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

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    • Roy,

      Thanks for adding that domain.

      Would you be willing to share some traffic stats on these domains ie avg month traffic vs October traffic?


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