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Happy Thanksgiving to my readers of Robbies Blog, I hope you are all getting to spend some time with your family and loved ones today, you might have noticed RobbiesBlog.com was offline yesterday, we were migrating our servers from Hostgator over to Create.com

Create.com as some of you might know is the new hosting company founded by Brent Oxley, who subsequently created Hostgator and sold it for a whopping $200 Million USD a number of years ago.

Brent’s name is familiar with many domain name investors, as he is often discussed on several popular blogs regarding many of his domain name purchases, which you can see when visiting Oxley.com domain names such as Broker.com, Hybrid.com, Bride.com, Earthquake.com, and many more high-value domain names.

I have been really impressed since setting up my account with Create.com, Yesterday I spoke to Craig H on there live support and he started to help me with migrating my account over from Hostgator, I had two accounts with them both fairly large as you can imagine, I have used their services for nearly 11 years on one of my servers, anyway we hit a snag due to the size of my files.

Straight away, Craig reached out to me via email to let me know what was happening and explained why the process wasn’t going as smoothly as planned, I thought to myself, oh no… this isn’t going to work, and expected a typical technical reply that you need to contact Hostgator to resolve – Boy I was wrong…

Craig explained, what they needed to do and it would take a little longer but he would keep in contact with me, Great I was happy and filled with confidence that the team at Create.com knows what they are doing but then the next email I get is from Adam Farrar the CEO of Create.com, to give me an update.

WOW – The CEO of this new hosting company has actually taken the time to reach out to me directly, I thought that is an impressive level of customer service, So Adam fills me on where they are at with my migration explaining the process, and lets me know they will be in contact shortly.

A short while later Adam again reaches out to let me know my first server migration is complete and they are still working on my other, I explained as I’m here in the UK, it’s now the evening around 10pm, I would catch up in the morning and thanked them for there services.

I wake and can see Adam has sent me two emails during the night, I thought oh no, has something went wrong with the final migration, but again I was really surprised to see it had all went smoothly and Adam and his team ran some scans over my files and had highlighted a few issues with some of my older sites contents, being WordPress addons, malware threats as plugins hadn’t updated, etc.

This to me is world-class customer service, I put my faith and trust in Create.com to migrate my sites, which they did for FREE also as part of their offering and they didn’t let me down.

If any domain name investors, who either host a blog, operate an eCommerce site, or have a few websites build-out for content and AdSense revenue purposes, I would recommend giving Create.com your business, the team so far have massively impressed me, and trust me that’s not easy to impress a Scotsman 🙂

So thank you Create.com, I hope you and your team have a fantastic Thanksgiving and I wish you all the best in turning Create.com into another monster hosting platform that the world migrates their hosting services over to.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

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