Have I been scammed?! Yes

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There was an interesting post on Namepros titled, Have I been scammed?! Yes – Naturally this caught my attention and I wanted to see what has happened here…

The owner of a domain name choose to accept Bitcoin for one of his domain names, which is perfectly fine, however, the platform that the buyer pushed the seller to use, charges a fee to verify your account – After going back and forth it appears the buyer blocked the seller on the platform and hasn’t responded.

The first alarm bell to me was this domain was just registered and yes while some domains are sold quickly after registration, rarely is it for low $,$$$

The owner chooses to transfer the domain name without having verified funds which is always a risky play in my book and while I am all for giving people a chance and opportunity when money is concerned you need a clear transaction to happen unless it’s your friends or family and even then sometimes it pays to have a documented agreement.

I feel for the seller of the domain name, he felt he was doing the right thing and has reached out to Epik to see if they can assist as the domain name was pushed to another account there, so he might still have a chance to get it back and I’m sure if Rob Monster can assist he will.

Here is a link to the thread of Namepros – https://www.namepros.com/threads/have-i-been-scammed-yes.1218553/

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