seen 484% increase in traffic last month just think how much leaked to

Whois XML Api seen 484% increase in traffic last month just think how much leaked to

In the latest stats for September which are below, We can see seen a huge traffic spike on the back of the Obamacare and washington shutdown that was impending in September which later happened in October.

As we all know direct navigation “type in traffic” is natural to a large portion on the world’s population and this drives daily leads to millions of registered domain names around the world.

I am sure that would have been happy over the past quarter with all the talk in regards to Obamacare and the washington shutdown they must have seen a huge jump in traffic last month and I would also suspect this month too. is a fully fledged business with existing large revenue founded by domain and internet entrepreneur Matias de Tezanos.

Matias is a well known individual within the domain name industry having built and sold several of his web properties for tens of millions of dollars over the past decade, You can read a previous story about Matias on the article was written back in 2005 and well worth a read, In a post written on back in 2011 that Matias is also an investor in .

In an interview on – Rob Monster who also invested in notes that the domain name was purchased by Matias for over $2,000,000 USD and now developed has revenues exceeding $60,000,000 – This interview was two years ago in October 2011 and please note revenue figures may have changed since that interview.

Yet again it shows you that owning a strong generic DOT COM domain name that is developed correctly has the potential to earn you larger revenues and profits.

You can read more about Compete Data here.

Fast Movers September 2013

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