Voip.com, Impeachement.com, NetWorth.com, CoffeeShop.com & Weekender.com – All For Sale

Hilco Streambank IP Auction and Domain Names
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Hilco Streambank is selling some amazing domain names such as Voip.com, Impeachment.com, NetWorth.com, CoffeeShop.com, Weekender.com and many more which you can find on their website.

Have you ever bought a domain name via Hilco Streambank?

I am aware of Hilco Streambank as we have heard about other domain name assets they have sold via auction often as IP packages where the domain name is sold often including other intellectual property such as websites, databases, and trademarks, however, I wasn’t aware they were also selling domain names on behalf others privately – Did you know this?

The 5 domain names that feature are owned by the following companies below.

Voip.com – Is owned by PhonePower

Impeachment.com – Is owned by Telepathy Inc

NetWorth.com – Is owned by Hewlett Packard

CoffeeShop.com – Is owned by The Hearst Communications

Weekender.com – Is owned by The Hearst Communications

Domain Name Auction Hilco

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