I love Apple… Do you?

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I am a massive fan of Apple products and have been since they launched the original iPod back 2001, then the iPhone back in 2007 and I have owned the iPad also for a number of years as well I have an iMac where I am sitting writing this post just now in my home office.

The iPad really changed my life and how I work / blog since I purchased my iPad 2 just over 4 years ago it gave me the freedom to write and check email, website and stats so much easier than carrying a laptop around all the time. My iPad 2 was still going strong however as Apple updates their IOS every few months, I noticed that the iPad 2 was getting slower as naturally the newer IOS was designed for a faster processor speed.

Here in the UK we have a store called Curry PC World and they have been running a great campaign over the past 3 weeks – Trade in your old iPad for £100 discount off any new iPad model – This is a great deal as my iPad 2 was probably worth £70 if I sold it on eBay or Amazon however if I trade in and upgrade I could save up to £100 off a new model. – Seems like a win – win… Off I went to Curry’s this morning and 20 minutes later I walked out with my Brand New iPad Air 2.


As I was telling a few friends about this today, they hadn’t been aware of this great offer and I believe it is due to expire next week, so if any of my readers from the UK are needing a new iPad I would say get off to Curry’s PC World ASAP before this deal ends.

There is a few conditions the iPad must WORK, No Chips or Cracks, Home Button must work, Volume must work and Power button must work. If it doesn’t work they will only give you £26… Don’t accept the £26 – You can get more for that if you put it on eBay or Amazon. However if like me your iPad was in working order you get £100 off your new iPad – It doesn’t need to be an iPad Air 2 – The deal is available for the iPad Mini 2 – £199 – You Pay £99, iPad Mini 3 – £299 – You Pay £199, iPad Air 1 £319 – You Pay £219 & iPad Air 2 £399 – You Pay £299.

Obviously owning a Screen Protector and Accessories company has its advantages so I am in the middle of choosing my new case – I think I shall go for Black Leather Smart iPad Air Case with built-in Bluetooth Keyboard… I previously used the Original Official Apple iPad Smart Case on my iPad 2 and at the time when I bought it 4 years ago – It costs me £85 as it was real leather… I had no idea 4 years on I would be selling these on ScreenProtectors.co.uk

Do You Love Apple Products?

I am going to purchase an iWatch next, Just now I wear a Rolex and yes I am very lucky to be able to own a Rolex at the age of 30, well I have actually owned it since I was 25 but while I treasure my Rolex, I also have a few different casual watches and I think an iWatch is going to be a must have shortly…

I checked out earlier to see who owns ILoveApple.com – It is registered to domain name investor Adam Strong and his company Strong Inc the domain is parked at Rook, it would be great to see an Apple Forum built out of ILoveApple.com

I hope you all have a great Sunday… I’m off to play with my new toy and shall be writing some new post from it later this evening for publication later this week.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

4 Comments on "I love Apple… Do you?"

  1. Have used Apple computers in production for years. As I enjoy custom building my own systems, however, I am definitely a PC and Windows user. Apple is great for out of the box production machines and there’s plenty of argument/counter-argument on the price vs. performance one gets. I’ve no other Apple products currently and I don’t believe this will change unless iPhone “7” revolutionizes the mobile market.

    • Yeah I know what you mean Acro. I have a friend who has an IT company and thinks I’m crazy paying the price I did for my iMac when he could have built me the same system for half the price. For me though I like the ease of the iCloud and setup etc I suppose it’s more WYSIWG but nice and simple seems to work for me. Lol! Have a great weekend!

  2. I am keeping all my old apple 512K, SE30, and those Made in USA mouses , serial #0013. All of them are working perfectly.
    I still have those Mac FileMaker books, and the original Mac books
    Macintosh PowerBook 190cs

  3. I love the old Apple, the 1980’s Apple. I have an Apple IIe, and a McIntosh in my nastaliga room. These were some of the best machines ever made. Innovation at it’s finest.

    The new Apple now that Jobs is out of the picture is nothing more than corporate whores trying to squeeze every buck out of us. Their systems went from being open and transparent to completely closed and idiot proof. Because they removed the second mouse button, I have to remember stupid tricks to how to simulate a right click. What a joke. The same apps that are free for Windows are $99 for Macbooks. Everything is shiny and beautiful but not usable, unless all you use it for is surfing facebook.

    There is no innovation there anymore. It died with Jobs.

    PS. I purchased a $2700 Macbook Pro a few weeks ago. I also purchased Final Cut Pro for $299 from the itunes store to do some video editing which I heard macs were good for. I couldn’t get a single video made. Final Cut Pro just crashes constantly. I put the laptop back in its box and haven’t used it since.

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