I’m back after Surviving COVID-19 + Domain Of The Day Available To Register

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Morning Readers, I haven’t posted since Sunday 11th of October a little over two weeks, some of you might have known that myself, wife and parents all tested positive for COVID-19, we are lucky that we didn’t need hospital treatment and have all survived after contracting COVID-19, however, my parents are still overcoming the infection and taking longer than my wife and I to recover, our children tested negative and showed no symptoms at all, so either they were Asymptomatic or they didn’t develop the infection.

I had to have a break for a couple of weeks from the blog to bring myself up to recovery and also look after our kids while we all stayed at home isolating, We got free at the weekend to get back out and we are hoping that we don’t contract it again but none of us really know if the antibodies will be strong enough to prevent this or not.

So stay safe and wear a face covering to not just help protect you but protect others too…

So back to the domain names and Robbies Blog here is the Domain Name Of The Day Available to Register for only $1.00

SatelliteSignalMeters.com – Available to register, The non-plural version is in the GoDaddy Name Find Portfolio and listed for sale for $1,500 USD, so you can own the plural for only $1 using this link.

Amazon has a number of Satellite Signal Meters available for sale and price range but this top-selling model is only $20.00 and would make an easy affiliate site to design and make, Don’t forget we offer a FREE affiliate WordPress building sites when you sign up to our hosting link.

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  1. Good to hear your feeling better. All the best to your parents getting back to 100%.

  2. Glad you and your family are doing okay.

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