I’m Back… oh and incase anyone is wondering Dot COM isn’t Dead – lol!

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I hope everyone is well?

I haven’t been online for the past week, well that’s not entirely true – I haven’t posted on RobbiesBlog.com for the past week as I was in New York on a family holiday to celebrate my mums birthday.

This was my first visit to New York, I have been to various parts of America previously but never the big apple… Talking about apple after 2 years my iPhone has decided to stop working so I need to purchase a new iPhone, I was actually going to buy one in NYC until they said it wouldn’t work on 4G in the UK which sucks so I need to buy a new iPhone back home.

Few tips IMO – Don’t go to The Plaza in NYC for High Tea – We went cost $500 for 6 people and the food and service was disgusting, Discussed a few issues with room manager who couldn’t care less and I would strongly recommend anyone to think twice before visiting The Plaza, The Hotel itself was beautiful inside and the bar staff where we had a drink before Afternoon Tea were great but I can think of a lot nicer places to spend $500…

Empire State was good but Rockefeller Center I would say is better and if I had to pick between them I would say Top of The Rock wins for Value for Money and Great Views.

So what did I notice while in New York in regards to Domain Names, Dot Com is King and I even seen a few .US domain names in use… I didn’t see many .net domains being used in shops or flyers but there was few and .org was heavily used in Not For Profit organisations.

Whats happened in the past week while I have been away…

There was a Tragic Helicopter crash here in Glasgow, Scotland and we unfortunately lost nine people in this accident, While in NYC there was also another terrible accident when a train derailed and more lives were lost also the sad news of Nelson Mandela & Paul Walker passing away.

In Domain news…

Everyone is talking about DOT Com being Dead – Which I think we can all agree has been a great marketing technique by Minds & Machines this is what they want and now the story has more chance of picking up mainstream coverage online. We all know DOT Com isn’t dead.

In other Domain News during the past 7 days…

Adam Dicker has completed a Six Figure Sale of Download.net, Aron Meystedt completed more sales in his HA.com auction bringing his total sales to over $1.5m, Mike Berkens reported over $75k in sales on four dot com domains in November but many more were closed and not disclosed. Mike Mann’s Phone.com has also been awarded its First Patent!, 1001.com sell for 100k, Marchex spin-off Archeo starts listing BIN prices on over 30,000 domains -Rick Schwartz likes some GTLDS!

I shall be back tomorrow with more regular posts and I look forward to catching up with all soon.


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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

2 Comments on "I’m Back… oh and incase anyone is wondering Dot COM isn’t Dead – lol!"

  1. Welcome back Robbie.
    I have been twice in New York and both times I went to Empire State. Damn…
    I was thinking of going to top of the rock but our company in the second time wanted to go to the empire state.

    I was in New York about the same time as you the first time and it was full of tourists. The second time I went was in February and there were no tourists in sight. The empire state was all empty! No lines whatsoever! 🙂

  2. How how how | 10/12/2013 at 17:09 | Reply

    fragerfactor has new blogpost about Frank Schilling that is really retarded.
    Claiming that if Frank thought in 2007 about .COM as unbeatable king (which it’s still today KING), that it means “he should feel bad about his statement” if he’s involved in new gTLD.

    If I think Toyota is reliable and Alfa Romeo is not that reliable, doesn’t mean I one day I won’t also buy Alfa Romeo.

    It’s as retarded fragerfactor claim as “I’ve eat bread and butter in 2007, that means I don’t ever eat bread with anything else”.

    I believe fragerfactor and some other moron blogs should be dropped from domaining.com due to miserable quality and their stupid conclusions claimed as “facts”

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