Is their value in domain names? – I once owned &

I am not a big numeric guy and I know some domain name investors have done exceptionally well from them obviously domain names that are typically, NN, NNN, NNNN, domains seem to sell on a frequent basis… I used to own & – I sold both in 2012 coming up on 3 years ago to a Chinese buyer for a low price on, I didn’t have a great experience with payment issues via PayPal etc – It all got sorted in the end and I had my funds but it put me off the numbers market place.

Now I wished I still owned the two domain names & however the past is the past, I got both names on the cheap and did ok out of them… Would they be worth more now? I don’t know the Chinese economy is tanking and while I know it will return I still believe it will have an effect on the lower value domain name sales sale to Chinese buyers however NN & NNN, NNNN will continue to sell but will &

What Price would you estimate the two names to be worth Now & in 2012 when I sold them?

Do you think there is any money still to be made from There are several available for hand registration and few are available with good numbers and what I mean from good numbers don’t contain the number 4 and have double repeat i.e 88 or 22 in them… Are they worth a gamble?

Are any other domain name investors buying domains? Why not leave a comment below and share your thoughts on Numeric domain names and the Chinese domain market palace.

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  1. My guess is you sold them both for $1000. The pair is worth $25,000

  2. Yeah, those are a great pair you had.
    I hope that the’s will take off soon, i see a few in go daddy auctions now but just not getting high bids yet.
    There is a domainsherpa show where they talk about numeric domains and Rick Schwartz says they will stretch out as long as phone numbers.
    I own 5 NNNNNN,com’s now with consecutive numbers with 8’s, 7’s, 3’s, 5’s and 6.
    I also hope that’s and’s will take off soon, i own 7 of them.
    My plan is to hold on to them all and just watch and wait and hope. haha

    • Just a follow up on your article.
      I don’t find many 6 number .com’s available for reg fee and have have spent a lot of time trying all combinations.
      I also go through the deleted domain sites and i’m seeing less and less being dropped.
      I think and i hope that this means people see a value in these 6 number .com’s.

  3. Glenny. A | 26/08/2015 at 17:46 | Reply

    I have got a NNNNNNN ( 7 digits ) .com parked at and this numeric domain gets between 20 – 30 unique visitors daily from CHINA.
    Registered December 2014

  4. I got 6 of those

    These are market /sold names: sold for $5,722 5/31/15 13:22 $4.800,00 sold for $1,900 closed at $9,352 on DropCatch, with 6n it is all about the patterns. closed at $1,620 closed at $860 closed at $301 sold for $28,500 $2,200.00 $5,500 Go Daddy went for $760 at NameJet. sold $10,000 USD sold $4800 sold $2300 sold $2600 sold $905 sold $1200eur sold $1,500 5/31/15 13:22 $4.800,00 sold for 1,900 closed at $9,352 on DropCatch, and closed at $1,100 sold $2600 sold $2300 sold $550 $1,651 Go Daddy

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