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This Press Release has just come out that LogicBoxes a Directi company is launching a new product named DomainBridge and no they don’t own the dot com – DomainBridge.com is currently owned by Joshua Prince.

Directi was founded in 1998 by brothers Divyank & Bhavin Turakhia who successfully have built a global empire of many different brands and products for the domain name industry. Around 5 years ago Skenzo the Directi domain name parking company was one of the leading parking companies however over time as PPC revenue declined many others such as Domain Name Sales etc have taken many of these customers however Skenzo is still available and has thousands of domains still on their platform.

Directi however has so many other great brands that are still growing strongly and employ over 1000 Staff across there 5 Global Offices. The Turakhia brothers have a reported Net Worth of over $400 Million Dollars not bad considering they started Directi with $600 Dollars in 1998!

You can read the Press Release Here.

The industry-first tool for Domain Management allows Domain Registrars, Domain Resellers & Hosting companies to manage domain name portfolios across different Registrar platforms, from one consolidated LogicBoxes interface.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 17, 2015 –(PR.com)– LogicBoxes, the premier technology and consulting company for growing players in the domain & hosting industries, today announced the launch of DomainBridge – a revolutionary new tool that enables Web Hosts and Domain Resellers to seamlessly consolidate and manage their diverse domain portfolios from a single centralized interface.

It’s an industry norm for Web Hosts and Domain Resellers to often tie up with multiple Registrar Partners, availing the best offerings of each. This, however, leads to diverse portfolios that need to be managed across different Registrar Platforms. With over 10 years of experience in working and interacting with numerous Web Hosts, LogicBoxes identified that portfolio management across various Registrar Platforms is one of the major challenges for these companies.

DomainBridge aims to bridge this gap by greatly enhancing Domain and User Management for Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. It allows them to consolidate and administer their entire domain portfolio across leading Domain Registrars. It also enables them to import, view & manage domain names from one centralized interface, while completely avoiding the headache associated with domain migration. Users can perform all domain-related operations on their entire domain portfolio, spread across multiple Registrar platforms, via a single API integration. Additionally, DomainBridge saves operational overheads and resources spent in managing diversified domain portfolios.

“We are thrilled to be the first domain technology company to offer a robust domain consolidation & management interface that helps companies with diverse portfolios spread across various Registrar entities,” said Siddharth Taliyan, Sr. Manager – Business Development at LogicBoxes. “We started LogicBoxes with the vision of being market leaders in the domain & hosting automation space. While we’ve delivered a lot to that vision, it feels like we’re just getting started!”

DomainBridge is available for limited release at https://www.logicboxes.com/domainbridge.

For those who want to understand & leverage DomainBridge for their business, you can get in touch with LogicBoxes at sales@logicboxes.com.

About LogicBoxes:
LogicBoxes (http://www.logicboxes.com) is a Technology & Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to large players of the Domains and Web Services Industry – including New gTLD & ccTLD Registries, ICANN Registrars, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. LogicBoxes’ renowned turnkey SaaS solution – OrderBox, provides end-to-end business automation to 100+ Registrars and 100,000+ Resellers and powers over 9.5 Million domains across the world. LogicBoxes is also the world’s premiere ICANN Accreditation Consultancy provider. Over 20% of the world’s ICANN Accredited Registrars have obtained accreditation through LogicBoxes’ Consultancy Services.

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