Losing Money With CHIP Domains

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Today:   Email marketing? don’t make me laugh {its spam} / .athletes domain extension / WANTED -LLL.ORG / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today.

BudgetApps.com – What kind of appraisal value does this one have?

Domain name redirection – Can someone help walk him through redirecting a domain?

ThinkStay.com – Any value in this type of domain?

.athletes domain extension – Where do you snag one of these bad boys?

WANTED – LLL.ORG – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these.

Email marketing? don’t make me laugh {its spam} – Sure does seem like spam to me when you break down the basic components of it.

Losing Money With Chip Domains – How much money have you lost investing in CHIPs so far?

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