How many GTLD’s have you sold?

I personally haven’t purchased any GTLD’s, however I do believe there is money to be made from them, heck money can be made from anything if you buy low and sell high at the right time.

I know some people have registered hundred of GTLD’s and while I congratulate many on taking the risk or the gamble as some people would say I don’t want to see other domainers waste hard earned money on GTLD’s that might never bring any reward.

I myself have wasted and I do mean wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours buying crap domain names in various TLD’s from .com, .net, .tv, .us, and others over the years and went from a portfolio of 2500+ domain names now to less than 100 domains.

As a broker I get asked often what’s my domain worth, can you sell my .com, .biz or .whatever domain for $$,$$$ and on some occasions yes it can be brokered for a high dollar on others I think are you serious…

It isn’t a knock on that person’s ability as a domain investor as I have been in that same position back in 2006 / 2007 when I first started buying domains any that’s my two cents on GTLD’s.

So as a domain investor in whatever GTLD’s, I want to run this quick poll to see are these GTLD’s selling? How many GTLD’s have you sold?

I know it is early days and there are sales being closed in the domain community to each other but lets see what the industry input is from this poll.

[polldaddy poll=”7990402″]

Thanks to everyone who takes part in the survey, results shall be published on Friday 25th of April 2014.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as

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