Indulging in real estate across the country — especially when it’s luxury real estate — is a great American past time. Million Dollar Listing San Francisco is aiding in that desire to see beautiful real estate in the Golden Gate City with the third installment of the franchise. Andrew Greenwell is one of the stars of Million Dollar Listing San Francisco, and if you’ve been keeping up with the series, you can’t miss him. Greenwell is aware of this, telling Bustle, “I definitely came out of the gate very strong…” but don’t worry, he promises he “softens up” a bit. (I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.)

Greenwell’s iconic entrance into the series was when he bought the website domain names of the other two agents that share the series with him: Roh Habibi and Justin Fichelson. “Right before we started filming, I was goofing around on GoDaddy and typed their names in,” Greenwell says. What originally started as a “joke,” Greenwell says, didn’t come without consequences. “[Buying the domain names] evolved into Roh getting pissed at me about it. [Habibi] got really nasty about it.”

Fichelson, Greenwell says, was always cool about it. “He was a gentleman about it.”

“I was shocked, especially by Roh, who is claiming he’s some hotshot up-and-comer — you knew you were going to be on television… Why would you not buy your name?”

Greenwell expresses that it’s frustrating for him to hear Habibi say he lacks integrity for the domain name joke, but Greenwell promises he will give the names back in due time. So maybe there’s hope for them to be pals after all?

“Roh and I end up doing a deal together, which is really crazy,” Greenwell hints about an upcoming episode. “I was shocked when he brought me a buyer.”

In other branches of Million Dollar Listing, we’ve seen some questionable actions taken by agents to make a deal happen. For Greenwell, he says that won’t happen. “I’ve built a very large business, and I’ve sold a lot of real estate,” he says. “Integrity and morals are the most important thing … Your reputation is everything in this business.”

With that said, Greenwell wasn’t afraid to spill on the other agents. His opinion on Habibi seems obvious, but he sums up his feelings perfectly with the following statement: “I always say I would trust Justin [Fichelson] to sell my house, I would not trust Roh [Habibi] to sell my house.”

And, for a real estate agent, that says a lot.

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