NamePros Daily: Appraisal & Sold for $4,725; for $4,010

I wanted to say a massive Congrats to Mike Mann & Svetlana Rosca on the birth of their new born son Victor Mann!

Todays post is fairly short and sweet – Got a lot going on just now with some website builds but I wanted to get the NamePros Daily out, Did you enjoy the Domain Names that registered this month over 4000+.

Onto the domains here are the threads from for today.

Looking to buy Numerics, coms,nets,orgs,cc,co,me. Budget from 10 use to 10k per name – Get your portfolio ready and see if you have one for this buyer. – Anyone have any ideas on what this might be worth?
Buying Domain Portfolios with Real Organic Traffic – Big investor looking for traffic domains. Check and see if you have one they want. – The Best Available Florist/Flower Domain In The World – Check out this Top Domain listed for sale.
Domain Buy Service by Godaddy- any experience ? – Jump into this conversation about Godaddy’s domain buy service. Sold for $4,725; for $4,010… – Here’s some more reported sales to get you motivated.
Certificate scam from fake 123 Reg Uk e-mail – More scam emails? Keep on your toes people.

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