NamePros Daily: – What’s the Value?, – Make an Offer, What’s worth?

See todays NamePros Daily, Threads that I have randomly picked to see if other domain name investors can help each out other out, The owner of a wants to know what is his domain worth and has an offer – Should he be passing this to a broker to ensure he gets the most value for his domain name or negotiate himself based on the appraisals from Forum Members? What about Do you see any value… Would you make an offer? interesting .TO domain name that is parked earning nearly $15 per day available for sale… Is it an investment worth making?

Got something else you want to see from another forum let me know and I will happily share with my readers of – The owner is looking for an appraisal as he has an offer most think its $$,$$$ – Do you? – The owner is looking for offers on this domain name – Will you make one?

Nigeria.Info – What do you think this domain name is worth? – Owner is looking for offers PM to them ( is owned by DigiMedia)

XE.TO Earning $14.23/day –  Wont pass the Radio Test but nice revenue @ $14 per day. – $20 would you buy it?

PirateSea.Com – $1 Bids – Currently at $15. – Domainer Wants to know the value of any of the below domains? (oops :) )


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  1. Guess i’m having a hard time understanding, if he wants an appraisal on, go to estibot or valuate.
    Maybe it’s a game to guess what the appraisal is?.
    [$121,000] broad searches are [11,000,000] exact searches are [1,984] comp is [medium] cpc is [$1.57].
    This is from valuate, witch is run by estibot.

    By the way i like, appraises well too.
    Wish i could afford it.

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