NamePros Daily: Is Pheenix Still Alive? 5 x LLLL.Net,, Domains Wanted & Warning on 4 x listed for sale

Here is todays list of threads from that has caught my eye, Did you check out the post from today with 77 LLL.CA domain names available to register?

If you have a thread on or another forum that you think should be featured on don’t forget to leave a comment or get in contact with me. 100 ea oboPlease don’t buy these domain names, looking at this thread shows the domain name investor trying to sell the sell these $100 is scamming domain investors – BEWARE… I can only go by what this thread says according to others however it appears far too cheap for domain names. Hopefully this person refund the money or transfers the domain names.

Lot of 5 Chinese premium (incl.  – 5 x currently at $50

$0 start! .coms – Jedeye, Eyestein, NewYorkLover, PizzeriaDellArte  – Obviously JedEye & Eyestein aren’t correct spelling however they are are catchy… and at $0 start are they worth a gamble… I don’t know what do you think? I do like it would go well with my name’s Domains Wanted! – Do you have any to sell? Let this forum know if there are any LLLL.coms you want to sell. – The forum member is thinking about buying the domain name and looking for advice on what its worth, what would you think the value of is worth?

Is Pheenix Still Alive? – This is a drop catch service that I wasn’t aware of… Have you ever use their service? Have they won any domain names for you / Do you still use their services?

hyphen??? – What do you think of Dot Com Domain Name Hyphens? I own a few like

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