NamePros Daily: Is unsolicited emails to end users SPAM? Poll, & more

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A new feature that I shall start running today on is a Namepros Daily, is one of the leading Domain Name Forums and certainly worth taking the time to check out. Don’t forget that, and many other forums are worth visiting daily to see what is happening in the domain name space.

Often on Domain Name Forums you can find some great domain names available cheap and if you are looking for a quick flip it is also a marketplace worth trying… You wont get top dollar but if it’s cash flow on a newly acquired domain name or one you are considering dropping its worth offering it up on Domain Name Forums.

Today on the top threads are below.

Is unsolicited emails to end users SPAM? Poll – How would you vote on this subject?

DontBuy.XYZ – Auction thread – Hate It or Love It .XYZ is here to stay would buy this domain? is available to register…

CEO of a million dollar company low ball offer – Happens more often than we think… Always use and check the user’s email address to see what other domain names the person or their company own. & – Domain Auction – I like both and they are Cheap.

parking revenue $488 in 3 months,Pornhube dot com – Risky Investment… Nice revenue but is it worth the WIPO?

Who actually purchases random numbered domains and so on? – Good Question from a Newbie… Who Does Buy them? – LLLL Domain $1 Start – Price was $82 at the time of posting, what would you pay? – In Auction – @ $84 at time of posting – Starting bid was $55

SSSE (.) com and EUQA (.) com – What are they worth? The owner is looking for an appraisal on these domains.

Obviously three is a lot more going on at than just the links above but they were some that caught my eye, what do you think of this blog post – Should it continue? Would you like to see this feature opened up to the other forums also?


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