NamePros Daily: – $1 Bid – When will artificial intelligence effect domaining?

Airports…. I choose to switch my usual airport of Choice London Heathrow to fly directly into London City… Big mistake while it cut my travel from the airport to my meeting down by 30 – 40 minutes, London City has to be one of the most over crowded airports I have been in – No Seats, No Food and Delayed Flights…

You live and you learn so next month when I am visiting London again, I will be flying back into London Heathrow Airport – Here are todays thread that I found interesting.

$8.88 – Dot COM Domain Name Registrations

Premium without A/E/I/O/U/V bulk – Time to look through your portfolio again to see if you have something this buyer wants. – My first thought on this one was adult dolls and I’m not sure how to appraise that market. What are your thoughts?
A Chinese buyer keeps emailing me about LLLL.Com – Seems to be an influx on these type emails.
Secret Drops? – No secret here really, however you may find valuable info. in this conversation if you want to learn more about dropping domains. Alternately, you could provide more advice.
LICQ.COM – $1 Bid Start ! – This 4 Letter .com auction is off to a good start, might still be time for you to snag it.
QUPPO .com – I wonder what this domain is worth. Any ideas?
CAUTION: stop using Namecheap – WOW! Is Namecheap and enom really having issues that are affecting domain investors? Thoughts? 10 yrs old – Not sure what kind of value is left in the webmaster name market, but I saw this one for sale seeking offers for those of you into that niche.
When will artificial intelligence effect domaining? – I thought it already started to, but I could be mistaken. Do you have any research or ideas on this?

$8.88 – Dot COM Domain Name Registrations

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