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It’s FRIDAY! WooHoo! another week down… It’s been a crazy week for me in my day job with some real highs and some mega lows however – It is the end of one week and onto a new week and new month next week! What are your plans this weekend?

My wife is going for Laser Eye Surgery, It is something I got done several years ago and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wears glasses and is under 40 to get your eyes lasered, the reason I say under 40 is eventually you eyes will deteriorate again with age so to get your money worth then I would say if you are over 40 stick to glasses or contacts.

It is also our wedding anniversary this weekend, We celebrate six years of marriage – Any ideas what to get my wife? I know its little late but ideas are welcome… I could get her a domain name but I don’t think that would go down too well! lol!

LLL,NET WANTED – Scan your portfolio to see if you have one for this investor.
AGED LLLL.COM – fkky – Saw this 4 letter .com for sale today. – What do you think this domain is worth?
Wanted No a/e/i/o/u/v – Another investor looking for your domains.
Privacy Issue – Anyone else experiencing being contacted even with privacy on your domains?
Domain Selling Hacks – Ran across a thread with a few tips on selling domains today.
Popular Domain extensions in China – What do you guys think the most popular extensions are in china? – This ones kind of long. Do you think it still has some value?

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