NamePros Daily: Purchase.Gold – For Sale – Buyer looking for Two Keyword Domains

It’s Friday and while today is normally a day for celebration, I think we all will be reflecting on this Friday marking the 14th Anniversary of the WTC & Pentagon Attacks – You can read my post from earlier today.

Below is a list of threads from that has caught my eyes, hopefully there is something of interest for you, One that I like is the 16 year old domain name, I don’t know why but it is jumping out to me. What do you think of “E” Domains – At one time everyone was registering “E” or “I” domain names… Remember the domain sale by Rick Schwartz to for $750K it now forwards to

Check Domain Availability Now For Hundreds of TLD’S .COM, .NET, .ORG, .CO.UK, .Link, .XYZ, Dot Whatever just Type and hit enter prices start from only $2 per domain name depending on extension.


ICANN just gave a company a new gTLD for free – Really? Where do I sign up for a free gTLD of my own?
Buying two keyword and 4-5 letter brandables!! – Hmm… I need to dig through my portfolio and see if I have something for this buyer. – Rare Offer, 16 years old, cool keyword – Whoever buys this one may have the start of a great virtual assistant development on their hands.
Cold emailing domain owners to sell them similar domains? – This is a touchy subject that some may associate to spam if done wrong.
Purchase.Gold – What would you appraise this one at?
The Future of the Internet Belongs to India – While India is still expanding, I’m not sure I fully agree with this claim.
Suggest some heavy name for fashion store – Do you have some fashion name ideas to help him out?,, – Ran across some more 4L .com’s for sale today.

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