NamePros Daily: Rick Schwartz sells for $801,000 & Wanted .in domains

It’s Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? We are going to baby birthday party tomorrow, as we became parents for the first time this year, my wife has grown her group of mummy friends and we are getting asked more and more to attend Baby Events such as Birthday Parties or Days out etc. While I enjoy seeing my son playing with the other babies and laughing away – I typically spend most of my time explaining to the other Dads.

How to make money online as they are always amazed at the level of income I can earn online on top of my day job and how it doesn’t actually take anymore than 5 – 10 hours per week to earn an extra 4 figures per month.

Many people still don’t realise that making money online is actually pretty easy if you can get a real niche and kill it, I have mine and just now development on exact match product domains is my big focus and the returns are amazing… I know I spoke about and the sales growing, we just sold another two taking our total this month to 5 items on this one store in 18 days but wait. These 5 items revenue are £1,081.63 @ 6% – That’s £64 ($100) in Commission with still 13 days left to sell more.

Here are todays names from Sold for $17,000; for $6,719… – Here’s some more motivational sales reports.
Patience in acquisitions is key to maximizing your investment in brandables – Excellent read. Add this one your list of things to read today.
Name for a Domain Portfolio Site – Got any portfolio domains in your portfolio? This guy is looking to buy one.
Fall Special Cloud and VPS Hosting Offers – Interesting. $4.95 per mo. shared hosting and $1.99 domain with coupon code.
idea+cart+com – any value? – Any ideas what this one might be worth?
Rick Schwartz sells for $801,000 – Yet another nice 6 digit sale by Rick.
please appraise 3NJ/com – What are your thoughts on this NLL .com?
Is it possible to register a trademark in U.S. for non-U.S. citizen? – Here’s a question for all of you out there that dabble in IP/TM law.
Wanted .in domains – Time to look through your .in portfolio to see if you have something for this buyer.

How many of you are earning $100 per month parking your domain names as a whole portfolio? Develop just 1 domain into a store could earn you a lot more cash and help you buy more domain names – I will help you just email me.

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