Namepros Daily: Saturday & Sunday Roundup

How has your weekend been? Mine has been great, today is my Wedding Anniversary and we have spent some time with close friends and family and had a great day!

Did you read my post earlier today? Can you help Ira?

Here are todays threads for Saturday & Sunday.

zje .com – Check out this 3 Letter .com being sold on NamePros.
Works.Reviews – What do you think this ngTLD is worth? NO VOWELS OR V no 4s – Time to dig through your portfolio again to see if you have one for this investor.
Getting to know domain prices – Great topic to contribute to or learn from when it comes to valuing a domain.
LLNN.COM Requested – Got any of these in your portfolio you want to sell?
Reported Domain Sales on Twitter This Week. Including Mike Mann’s $35,000 – Some inspirational sales reports for you to get motivated about.
End users using nTLDs (not domainer minisites) – Have you seen any noteworthy developments on nTLD’s? worth anything? – Any experts out there with an idea about the value of this one?Website appraisal for
– Nothing like some funny cat pics to brighten up your day. However, what do you think this site might be worth on that topic?
Is .asia a good gTLD? – Maybe some of you with a better grasp on that gTLD and the related ccTLD’s could help answer that?
Apraisal – 臉書.co – I am not familiar with special character value. What do you guys think this ones worth?
Filter 2 word names from lists – Anyone have a good sorting tool they could direct this investor to?
NNNNN.coms????? – So, what’s the real reason 5 number .com’s have value?
There’s No Money In Brandable Domaining – This is an interesting topic that seems to have attracted attention from both sides of the spectrum. Worth a peek-a-boo.
Scammer pretending to be from Godaddy. Be carefull! – Yet another alert about someone impersonating a registrar. Be careful out there.
International.Gold – Seems like a fitting use of a nTLD. What do you think it’s worth?

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