NamePros Daily: Saturday & Sunday Threads

Sorry I never got these up yesterday, had a very busy weekend… I hope you all have had a great weekend too!

I really should have scheduled the post for yesterday but I totally forget so here are Saturdays Threads 1st then Sundays Threads 2nd.

We have a big list of Domains Transferred for tomorrow and a few other interesting stories for so stay tuned this week!

Zone files of TLD’s – Anyone know where to locate the zone files for some of the new gTLD’s? – Remember learning about this one in school? Someones selling the hyphenated version.
Anyone going to the domain conference in Florida this month? – Joe Styler (Godaddy Aftermarket Product Manager) will be at The Domain Conference in Florida and wants to meet you. PR1 website – $1000 BIN – Not quite sure of the importance of a reverse url shortner, but this looks like a neat little start-up site for someone looking to build a network of websites.
localnode – Interesting. Packages as low as $3.95 per month.
Extinct.US – Apocalypse anybody? What do you guys think this one is worth?
The Future of .XYZ – Not really a big fan of .xyz myself, however it there does seem to be a growing fan base.
Same domainname with different TLDs for enduser – This is an all too common question we hear every day. What’s your opinion on approaching the owner of a domain to sell the same name with different extension?
BrandBucket use the same logo for 2 brand names – This can’t be true! Or is it? Sold for $6,732; for $5,679… – Some recent sales to get you motivated.
CarTransporter(dot)com – What do you giys think this ones worth in the freight relocation industry?
The amazing explosion of 5n and 6n numeric domains – Anyone else experiencing this new trend of 5 to 6 number domains?
Buying LLL .com and NNNN .com – Time to dig through your portfolio again to see if you have anything for this buyer.
16,362 Domains – I’m not sure the .Net market is ready for a 5 letter trend, but here’s a list of available ones for those that do. – This one sounds a little catchy. How much do you think it’s worth?
Monitizing video rendering site. Advice Wanted – Any advice for this guy to help him get his new development monetized? – Here’s a nice, short, pronounceable, brandable, 4 letter I came across for sale.

$8.88 – Dot COM Domain Name Registrations

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