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Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a great weekend? It’s 8pm here in Scotland and today as always has been another busy day spending time with my wife and son this morning and visiting my parents for lunch then out to watch my local football team Motherwell FC – Today we drew but to be fair we should have lost, we didn’t play well and only scored in extra time but hey that’s football and I’m glad we still picked up 1 point.

So my wife is away out this evening so I am looking after Isaac and typing this post and looking for something new to watch… I have heard that Narcos is a really good show so I am considering putting this on and watching a few episode’s tonight – Has anyone else watched any episodes of Narcos?

Here are the threads from that caught my eye today.

Check Domain Availability Now For Hundreds of TLD’S .COM, .NET, .ORG, .CO.UK, .Link, .XYZ, Dot Whatever just Type and hit enter prices start from only $2 per domain name depending on extension.



Are gTLD alternatives “stealing the bread” of traditional domain investors? – I think most investors have been wondering about this.
Themeforest – Domain Broker 2 Landing Page Template – Awesome! A template to start a domain brokerage service website. Sold for $31,250; for $11,208… – Nice! Another 3 Letter .com 5 digit sale.,, $1 – Found a few more 4 Letter liquid .com domains for sale on NamePros.
1st time into Domain Business – Let’s help this new domain investor out with some of our personal experience. – Hmm… This one does look a little neat, but should they invest in it?
What LLLL Chinese people like – I think that this is a question a lot of investors ask them self when they first start looking into Chinese domain investment markets. – What do you guys think this .info is worth in today’s market?
High movements of 2 letter .com domains including – Interesting. Here’s some of the latest 2 letter .com acquisitions.

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  1. Watched the 1st episode of Narcos, if you are interested in tv shows based on true stories, you will like it.

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