NamePros Daily: Wanted – Health Food/Supplement .com &, Fix.Plumbing – What’s it worth?

Do you think you have Liquid Domain Names?

If you believe you have a domain name that is liquid and need to raise cash – I invite you today to leave a comment with the domain name you want to sell and the BIN price – No Offers just the price you want to sell it for  – Let’s see how many domains get listed and see what gets sold…

Here is a domain name that I believe is Liquid in my portfolio – – $1.5K (BIN) – Interested then email me. Estibot Values the domain name at $1,800 USD and its taken all popular TLD – Frank Schilling owns the .Com & .Net

Today’s Domain Threads from

What to put on my domain – Anyone got some ideas on how he can develop his domain?
Domain Valuation article and live Hangout with famous domainers – Now this looks like some great education for both the new and the veteran domain investors. Check it out!
Brandable Health Food/Supplement .com – Time to dig through your portfolio and see if you have any that fit this buyers criteria.
A coupe tough ones to appraise: – Here’s a couple new gTLD’s needing evaluated. What are your thoughts? Sold for $10,250; for $6,600… – Here’s some more motivations reported domain sales.
Re-Seller Special,, – Ran across some more 4 letter .com’s for sale.
FYI Dicussion – Did anyone else register any .FYI domains?
U.S. or Canada: Which is better and why? – Not really domain related, but a chance to pump out your chest and show your country pride. Be sure to debate responsibly though and don’t get personal.
Best parking for .in traffic domains? – Anyone have any ideas which parking company yields the best returns for .in? – What do you think this 5 digit numerical .com is worth?

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5 Comments on "NamePros Daily: Wanted – Health Food/Supplement .com &, Fix.Plumbing – What’s it worth?"

  1. Christopher Lumley | 15/09/2015 at 13:58 | Reply BIN $500
    Christopher Lumley


    BIN $50,000 ($50k)

    Philippe Ravel

  3. terrell murray | 15/09/2015 at 16:21 | Reply

    BIN 10,000 {$10K}

  4. Mens.Online $19,000 (valid till 20th Sept)


  5. $200 at Flippa:

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