Namepros Thread – sells for $55,025

I just came across this thread on where domain name investor has completed the sale of for $55,025 USD, this was an interesting story as the owner, originally was seeking a payment plan/loan service for the buyer as he didn’t wish to offer a payment plan himself.

The domain itself was only hand registered 3 years ago… So this has returned a great ROI for the owner.

We covered the story here last month, It looks like Rob Monster from facilitated the sale and confirmed it was completed.

Congratulations to both the buyer and the seller…

Read the full thread here –

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2 Comments on "Namepros Thread – sells for $55,025"

  1. Very nice sale!

    I suppose all those arguments made over the past 15-20 years about hand-reg’s being worthless …were, themselves, worthless.

    Every domain name was initially hand registered. And the reason why it’s still worth doing (in moderation) is because new terms are constantly emerging – and plenty of those (e.g., blockchain) have quickly become worth far more than many basic dictionary words.

    So it’s still an exercise worth doing (prudently).

  2. There is no domain will be unsold. Every domains have value. Some goes today and some will go tomorrow.

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