Negotiating with potential buyers

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Today: Have $4K to invest in / What’s with everyone selling their 4L’s for under $2K?! / Sold for $17,000; for $6,300 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

WTB or that ends/starts with “TR” – Check your portfolio for one of these.

sHost . org – How much do you think this ones worth?

Expired Domains: CPC and traffic – Are there any reliable tools to find out the cpc and traffic of expired domains for investment purposes? Sold for $17,000; for $6,300… – Some recent domain name sales reports to help get your blood pumping.

Have $4K to invest in – Anyone have some solid investment statistics for this investor?

What’s with everyone selling their 4L’s for under $2K?! – is the Chinese market crashing or are resellers hurting them self being desperate for a sale?

Negotiating with potential buyers – How would you negotiate with a buy if you were in the same situation as this seller?

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