Niche Websites still viable for Domainers?

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Niche Websites still viable for Domainers?

I got this email below from Jeremy Schoemaker as I am on his mailing lists and it is worth a read, Jeremy if you don’t know runs and is famous for his $132,000 Dollar Cheque he made from Google Adsense – Note this was several years ago… However Jeremy has built many business on the back of his initial blog like all mailing lists the purpose is to generate a sale and in this case it would be Amasuite (No Affiliate link) a service that the author is saying would be useful to generate the most profit from his technique of making cash with Niche Websites.

It is worth a read and I am wondering as domainers, Are we still registering Niche Domain Names? Adam Dicker runs popular website development service where he and his team develop Niche products into money making opportunities online.

Do you still build Niche Websites?

Do you still register Niche Domain Names?

I got this email from a friend in the industry.  This guy has always amazed me cause he has like a 99.9999% profit margin.  he creates niche sites around a hot topic and ranks them in Google quickly.  He first showed me some of this in 2004ish.  He now makes high six figures per year and employees a staff of 10 in house people and 50 outsourced people that do nothing but create new content websites.   For 10 years now I have assumed any day his networks were going to be burned to the ground… either by haters outing him or Google thinking they were spam.  But he has evolved over the years and its great to see how he is doing now.

Shoe thanks for the tip about AmaSuite the other day.  I had been doing a lot of the grunt work by hand but Amasuite is really really good.  Its going to save us a TON of time.  One of the things I LOVE about your site is you share exactly what works and tell people exactly what to do step by step.  I wrote this guide on how anyone can make profitable niche sites.  I hope your readers enjoy.  See you at a show soon!

The first thing I like to do is hit up Google trends for a keyword people are actively searching for.  You can download the lists and then import them into AmaSuite.   Why in this order?  Because Google trends will show you 1-2 keywords per subject but not the long tail for them.  AmaSuite getting data from Amazon shows you the long tail, less competitive results.  This is HUGE.

Now I register a domain.  From my experience the keyword does not matter that much to be in the domain but if you want to go for it.

Sidenote:  ShoeMoney has a Wordpress install service that gives you a free domain for life plus installs all the SEO plugins mentioned below.

  1. The first thing you want to do is change the permalink structure to   This is better for SEO
  2. Step 2 is to install Yoast’s wordpress seo plugin. (also free with Jeremy’s install )
  3. Goto themes and add a new one.  They are easy to find just goto your theme dash and type in a keyword.  Then click install.  There are over 100,000 free themes you can add right within WordPress.

Now it’s time for some unique, quality content.  I recommend a site called text brokers.  Take your top 15-20 keywords and have them write a article for each. Its a very good service and you can get 15-20 700 word articles written for $20-$25.  These are written by people in the USA and they are not repurposed.  People actually get value from them and Google enjoys them as well.  When you post these articles don’t be surprised to see real people making real comments on your blogs.

As soon as I have a few articles up I create a twitter account and add a link to my site. Every time a publish a new article I will post that on twitter. So I make sure that the articles get indexed super fast.

Secondly I start adding my site to quality bookmarking services and start participating in topic relavant forums and add a link to my site wherever it fits. But only do this after you have written already a few posts.

Then I add articles on my linkbuilding blogs with a link to my new niche site. However, I only post the URL or non exact matching anchor text links. I would do that only a bit later. This works better for me lately.

Then I would look for guest posting opportunities and also get in touch with other webmasters in the same niche. Comment on their posts and simply make them aware of my site.

Spend 30 days per site.  By the end of the 30 days the site should  be making $100-$250 .  Now move on to the next.  As this scales up hire employees to duplicate the process.  Give them 10% of the profit each month as long as they are involved.

So here is the quick notes.  Start where you need.

  1. Get wordpress setup (or use shoemoney’s free service).
  2. Get a copy of Amasuite.
  3. Grab top 15-20 most searched for phrases from Amasuite
  4. Get some articles from text broker for each keyword phrase (they know how to do seo articles around a keyword).
  5. Setup social media accounts with back links to your site.
  6. Create some forum profiles and use your site in your signature and also in your profile.  Participate in discussions.
  7. Repeat.

That is the quick and easy guide to doing it ;).  I hope your readers enjoy it!  Have fun building your network!

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Jeremy Schoemaker
ShoeMoney Media Group INC.

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