Not Cool – An owner backing out of BIN Pricing.

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How’s your Sunday been? I was scrolling through Namepros for my usual catch up and noticed this thread, Titled “Not Cool” – It has over 114 replies since being posted on Friday evening when it was posted.

The long and short of it, The buyer found a domain name on Flippa, he choose to Buy It Now, and then the next morning woke to find an email from the owner stating that the domain name was no longer available at that price, Now I am not sure if the owner got buyers remorse, like what we saw a little on Rick’s Twitter feed early this week when he acquired, however, the owner in that instance did the right thing and held up to his end of the bargain and sold the domain name at the agreed price.

It looks like in this instance though the owner of this domain name is choosing not to sell at the Buy It Now price, it could have been listed in error, we have all done that before or listed it years ago but forgot to update the price… However, should the seller still go through with the sale? Should Flippa ban them, is it a breach of the Terms & Conditions? I don’t know but plenty of domain name investors have their thoughts and it’s well worth reading this thread.

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  1. We also see many sellers in private auctions on aftermarket venues like Namejet not follow through on delivering domains to buyers who win those auctions.

  2. The auction platforms should do whatever they need to do to prevent renegging/non-delivery by their sellers, whether it’s banning such sellers or other measures.

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