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It’s the start of another week and today is another post that I saw from a thread on NamePros, aptly named Not Knowing Who My Is…

It’s an interesting question from the NamePros forum user Abstract Domainer, now I think the honest answer in our heads, does it matter as long as they pay the price we want to achieve.

However, I kinda see what he is asking, when acquiring a domain name for resale, do we plan who might acquire the domain name from us?

If you are planning any kind of outbound sales, then I would say yes 100%, you need to know who you are going to pitch the domain name too, here is an example in my eyes.

If I purchased, I would be hopeful to either sell it to a carpet cleaning company in New York or a Cleaning business that might be looking to enter the New York market, makes sense…

However, if I purchased as an example, it’s a generic domain name and while I might have an idea who would want to purchase it, the reality of a strong single or two generic word dot com is that it really could be anyone as long as they had deep enough pockets.

The number one thing in my view is, It doesn’t matter who you sell your domain name to, What matters is that you get the value the domain name is worth to you, remember value is often in the eyes of the beholder…

Check out the post on – It has 30 replies already, what is your opinion?

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Who is buying my domain name

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