Not paying the BIN – Cost me another $1K

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Happy Saturday Folks, I hope you are all spending some R&R time with family and friends this weekend. 

Yesterday myself and two of my closest friends from childhood went out on an Epic cycle, it had been planned for a few months, we completed 61km on our bikes and none of us are athletes by any measure. 

One of friends fell twice on the journey and unfortunately looks like he a broken rib. Not good but together we pushed on through and completed the cycle. 

There is a pretty neat app called Relive that builds out your trip through a 3D Map, if anyone wants to check out the journey we took you can click here to view it. 

We finally arrived at our hotel, late in the afternoon after nearly 6 hours on the bikes and I was reviewing my emails for the day and received one that I had been awaiting all week. 

I have been negotiating with another domain name owner to acquire a two word domain name and while we have went back and forth on the price, with one stage myself believing we were not going to close the sale, he has agreed to sell the domain name. 

The owner stuck to his guns and didn’t move from his original asking price. 

The domain name was listed on Afternic and I actually could have acquired it via there for less than than the finalised sales price but I attempted to go direct to the domain name owner. 

The domain was under privacy but I viewed the historical history and reached out directly, offering less than afternic price but this was turned down and the Aftenic listing quickly disappeared. 

I am glad we agreed a sale and it’s in the process of completing just now, maybe I should have just paid the BIN price and saved myself an additional $1k above the Afternic price but that’s the risk you take when going direct to get a deal than paying the BIN. 

What’s your experience of acquiring domains when they have a BIN, do you pay it or attempt to achieve a sale privately for less?

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  1. Just last month I saw a BIN at Afternic and I thought of going directly to the buyer and at first the price was increased by 10 times and after few days the listing is removed.

    It happens but we’ve to take such risks. Sometimes we get a good deal and some day we don’t.

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