Ollie’s Bargain Outlet to IPO & They don’t own the DOT COM

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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet which currently has 187 stores and plans to grow to over 950 stores is about to IPO which is great seeing another business boom during the great recession of 2007 – 2014 and be in a great position to IPO on the back of this hard time for many business owners. Here in the UK we have seen many similar companies to Ollie’s thrive during the past 5 years and went from having 40 or 50 stores to many having upwards of 200 +.


While reading an IPO report for Ollie’s it mentions they own the following domain names and other IP.

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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Holdings Intellectual Property

OLLI owns several state and federally owned registered trademarks related to its brand, including “Ollie’s,” “Ollie’s Bargain Outlet,” “Ollie’s Army” and “Real Brands! Real Bargains!” In addition, OLLI maintains a trademark for the image of Ollie, the face of its company. OLLI has a license and co-existence agreement, as well as state trademark registrations, for “Good Stuff Cheap.” OLLI also owns registered trademarks for many of its private labels such as “American Way,” “Steelton Tools,” “Sarasota Breeze” and “Commonwealth Classics” among others.

OLLI is also in the process of prosecuting several other trademarks, both for private label goods and to further identify its services. OLLI enters into trademark license agreements where necessary, which may include its private label offerings, such as the Magnavox products and Marcus Samuelsson Cookware available in its stores.

OLLI’s trademark registrations have various expiration dates; however, assuming that the trademark registrations are properly renewed, they have a perpetual duration.

OLLI also owns several domain names, including www.ollies.us, www.olliesbargainoutlet.com, www.olliesarmy.com, www.ollies.cheap, www.sarasotabreeze.com and www.olliesmail.com and unregistered copyrights in its website content. OLLI attempts to obtain registration of its trademarks as practical and pursue infringement of those marks when appropriate.

They don’t own the DOT COM – Ollies.com this is owned by Domain Name Investor Frank Schilling and his company Domain Name Administration, for a company that plans to raise $113 Million dollars in cash via IPO you would think they should be using some of that cash to buy the Ollies.com domain name.

Instead they have Ollies.US which is great CCTLD for the US market and I love CCTLD’s hence my own investment in .co.uk domain names but as many of my friends based in America tell me .COM is King in the US and when it comes to branding I have to agree with them as when I visit New York & Florida frequently all I see is Dot Com and then .Net – Yes I do see some .US but not a lot in branding I am sure we will start see more GTLD’s and I am back to Florida early next year and shall update my readers than of marketing of new GTLD’s but for the time Dot Com still seems to rock in America.

I know many people will say well they are a bricks and motor retailer and don’t sell a lot of product online and don’t want to sell product online while that might be the case just now all companies who Retail need to sell online its the only way to survive to have both avenues of traffic and being online means you never close the tills. If you have good website then the tills ring all day long 24/7 – 365 days per year.

I hope Ollies Bargain Outlet does the right thing and purchased the Dot Com domain name from Frank Schilling Team @ Domain Name Administration.

Another interesting fact Ollies owns a GTLD – .CHEAP they have Ollies.Cheap but don’t even have that domain redirected it shows a parked page @ GoDaddy.com.

They do have a good Dot Com domain www.olliesbargainoutlet.com but this site when loaded takes you to 404 page… If it’s not being used they should at least redirect to Ollies.us but on the 404 page it has a link to Ollies.us which is actually broken and doesn’t link you the Ollies.us website.

Another domain name that Ollies should own is GoodStuffCheap.com – This is their brand that they market all over their website but don’t own the exact match dot com. It is currently parked and under privacy but looks like another legend domain investor might own this domain name Kevin Ham – It is available to purchase or rent via his platform Mark.com

What do you think – Should Ollies Bargain Outlet buy Ollies.com & GoodStuffCheap.com?

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