Phumelela Gaming Leisure Limited loses WIPO Case

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Phumelela Gaming Leisure Limited loses WIPO Case D2020-0245 where the Three panellists found in favour of the domain name registrant, for the domain, So who is Phumelela Gaming Leisure Limited is an inter-dependent business consisting of both an international and South African division which operates at the intersections of betting and information business and that of a horseracing/destination marketing business this is according to their website –, they also own

This is the 3rd known WIPO case that Phumelela Gaming Leisure Limited has raised and the first defeat for them too, we can see they actually won a similar domain name, they have a trademark SOCCER 6 & operated that was registered in 2003.

I am sure they though having won the domain name they had a chance of winning the domain but the panellist clearly didn’t see that Phumelela Gaming Leisure Limited had any rights to own the domain name and refused the transfer to them.

We can see they own the domain name, however at the time of checking this wasn’t resolving, checking the whois records we can also see there the registrant of,, & – A number of these alternatives aren’t owned by the company and are available to register,,,, – So why not register these domain names Phumelela Gaming Leisure Limited if you want to protect your brand? is owned by Sports Endeavors, Incorporated – Phumelela won’t be getting that domain in a WIPO case, we can see the owner of has it listed for sale for $100,000 USD and Phumelela Gaming Limited wants to own the domain name they should pony up and buy it – That’s my opinion, what is yours on this domain name WIPO case?

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