PIRQ.com sold by BrandBucket.com raised over $3.2m

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PIRQ.com sold by BrandBucket.com raised over $3.2m

Digital Loyalty platform PIRQ.com has raised over $3.2m dollars since its launch in 2011.

Its claim to fame which helped take PIRQ.com to the next level was when Apple Inc announced it was using the PIRQ service for their staff, this helped gain more media coverage and users.

It is a service I personally don’t use or was aware of so I thought lets look into this domain name PIRQ.com – it is a four character domain name that to the average joe is confusing and wouldn’t pass the radio test however startup companies love these short domain names, As domainers we call them LLLL.com domains – We know they were all sold out back in 2007.

At that time LLLL.com domain were being picked up and flipped all the time on platforms like NamePros.com, DNForum.com and also on the popular domain aftermarket platforms like Sedo.com, SnapNames.com etc.

I actually found a post on NamePros.com where domainer Tim Schoon appears to have acquired the domain name PIRQ.com around 14th of November 2008 and stated “just got Pirq.com  it’s going for a quick sedo flip, brandable short names sell really well there ”  Tim also operates PEJ.com if you read this Tim reach out and let us know more about this domain sale.

The domain PIRQ.com was created on 11th of November 2008 I am guessing it was dropped and registered by Tim.

I am not sure how BrandBucket.com got the domain name? Maybe they can let us know if they are reading this post? As in 2009 the domain was on sale DNForum.com as part of a group of domain name for $3000.

You can see from the screenshot below PIRQ.com being listed as brand sold by BrandBucket.com the logo has changed but that puts me back to my original post from earlier this month does having a logo help sell a domain?



What are your thoughts on LLLL.com domain names?

Have you sold any LLLL.com domain names to startups?

Read more about PIRQ.com here

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2 Comments on "PIRQ.com sold by BrandBucket.com raised over $3.2m"

  1. I don’t remember selling any of my LLLL.com so far but they do receive inquiries frequently. Do you have any? What price normally do you ask for your LLLL.com domains?

  2. Hi Robbie,

    We did sell the domain to the current owner in early 2011, and we’re so excited to see them doing well. The same domain owner who posted the name for sale on DNForum sold it through us, which goes to show that holding out for the right buyer and getting the right exposure can work out positively in the long run. 🙂

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