Pitching and executing (NamePros Daily)

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Today:  [WTB] Sock related domain / What should NamePros add? / EQV.com Sold for $47,500; VeganCookBook.com for $3,816 / And more.

Here are the new NamePros.com threads that caught my eye:

CollegeGrants.online – How much is this one worth?

2016 Trends : What Robots do you thinks will be popular and domains you have – Any ideas?

Adding the ‘z’ to domain names – What are your thoughts on this?

Sock related domain – Check your portfolio for one of these.

EQV.com Sold for $47,500; VeganCookBook.com for $3,816… – Recent domain sales reports.

What should NamePros add? – What’s on your wish list?

Pitching and executing – Do you have secret tactics?

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