Please Help me to make a decision on this offer?

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The domain name industry might be small but we all gather around to help one another and give our advice when asked, today we see another post from NamePros entitled Plz Help me to make a decision.

The post is from Namebie who has recently registered the domain name and on the 30th of November and is receiving good PPC traffic and earnings of around $1 per day at but has had an offer for the domain name at $1,000 USD.

The thread is great to see read and follows everyone’s opinions with many stating he should hold the domain name as $365 USD earning per year on a $9 investment is pretty good, others think the should counteroffer and sell the domain name.

If it was me, I would probably take the $1,000 USD 0r at least counteroffer to drive it higher then take a % to the bank as a little Christmas bonus and then reinvest the rest back into domain names, My worry is with PPC earning names some will always make money on outstanding generic domain names, but others have a short shelf life and that $1 per day could turn into $1 per month, you just don’t know…

So what would you do? Why not visit the thread on NamePros and give your thoughts NameBie

Please Help me to make decision on this offer?


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  1. Hello: is a domain that you can offer to Escort compnies and ask 20.000 for it.
    It is a great domain for Matching Singles. It will be an expensive domain in the near future.
    Happy Holidays!

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