Do PR releases help sell domain names?

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Do PR releases help sell domain names?

This PR Release posted online yesterday to help sell over 100 domains that are for sale and they are asking $1.65 million dollars – Now I don’t see any of these domain names selling for anywhere near this amount, Do you?

No to have a pop at the seller, It is good to see domain sellers get creative to drive traffic to their domains and let people know they are for sale but I just don’t see these domains going for $1.65m – I do wish the seller the best of luck and if they are successful maybe this is something we should do more as an industry to sell our domain names in niche marketplaces.

Has a PR release ever helped sell your domain names?

Here is the PR release below.

Ten fully registered business names based on iconic Sunshine  Coast regions have today been released on the market.

The names have been released for sale in conjunction with more  than 100 domain names for premium Sunshine Coast booking  websites.

A spokesman for the seller said the businesses were based in an  area bordered by Fraser Island in the north and to Moreton Island  in the south.

“By being involved in these businesses, prospective purchases can  make tourism reservations for the total Sunshine Coast region,”   he explained.

“This includes bookings for tours and attractions, but most  importantly comprises reservations across a range of  accommodation houses, including resorts, hotels, apartments,  motels, BandBs, holiday houses, lodges, farm stays, backpackers  and even caravan parks.”

The spokesman noted that that taking orders for accommodation  holiday rental rooms “is where the higher profits are in the  industry”.

“In many instances, especially when times are quiet, reservation  businesses can be offered from 15% and up to 20% commission for  securing bookings for various accommodation houses, and  especially for conferences,” the spokesman said.

“The entry level for businesses like these for sale is far below  that of buying expensive bricks-and-mortar properties, where  reservations are usually tied to one individual resort, hotel or  motel, and owners have to be able to work 24/7.

“Furthermore, with people who buy management rights for six- and  seven-figure amounts, their booking fees and commissions are  legally only permitted to obtain 12% plus GST.”

The spokesman said the combination of purchasing a business name  and a website booking name was “the complete package”, because it  also included an advertising and promotional campaign where  additional revenue could be made.

“It could pay for the entire group of businesses over a  three-year period,” the spokesman said of the package.

Included among the registered business names available – dubbed   “The Top 10” – are: Sunshine Coast Accommodation & Visitors  Centre; Noosa Visitors Centre; Noosa Accommodation Centre; Fraser  Island Accommodation & Visitors Centre; Maroochydore  Accommodation Centre; Maroochydore Visitors Centre; Mooloolaba  Visitors Centre; Mooloolaba Accommodation Centre;  Caloundra  Accommodation & Visitors Centre; and the Moreton Island  Accommodation & Visitors Centre.

The spokesman added that the internet had already proven to be  the most important future feature for the tourism industry.

“Together with the foremost registered tourism business names  that cannot be copied, the businesses available include those  words in the website domain names that people commonly type into  their search engines, like,” he said.

An indication of the 100-plus website domain names available,  that can all be linked to each other for high search engine  rankings include:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;; and

Apart from basic regional accommodation and tour bookings,  integrated are two ways to advertise and promote these businesses  virtually free of charge via specialized search engines and  Internet TV Shows.   Offers are now being accepted for the total packages, with the  asking prices varying from one Sunshine Coast region to another,  however it is expected one purchaser will be successful in buying  the complete bundle.

The total parcel is expected to be around $1.65 million, and the  owner, who requires time to conduct a worldwide charitable event,  would consider vendor terms or a shareholding as a part  option

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