Epik launches – PrayerMeeting.com.

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New Conferencing System Provides Instant Video Connection for Prayer Groups and Congregations

Tech Incubator Introduces “Prayer Meeting”, an Industry‐First Free Video Conferencing Platform for Worship Teams and Prayer Leaders, featuring Instant Access, No Downloads, No Software, No Logins, and Secure Room Creation


Seattle, WA (May 6th, 2020) – A Seattle‐based technology firm known for their past creation of dozens of unique web and Internet solutions, announced today the official free launch of “PrayerMeeting.com”, for any church, congregation, worship leader, prayer warrior, or good Samaritan wanting to be actively involved with helping others that may have been negatively impacted by COVID‐19.
The innovative online platform works with any laptop or desktop webcam, with some major differences to most traditional video conference programs.

A user can visit the home page, type in a room name of their choice, and instantly create a new video room for use however they like. The process takes only a couple of seconds, and requires no login or personal details whatsoever, and no downloads or invasive software to join. The host can then share the web address and room name with anyone they want to invite, who can then securely join with no software, tracking, or download requirements.

The early beta release resulted in thousands of people using the platform within the very first few days from word of mouth only.

PrayerMeeting.com offers a unique and powerful way to reach out and engage with others, and to help ensure that shelter‐in‐place restrictions do not reduce connectivity and the ability to look out for one another.

The Internet registrar and web hosting company Epik made the decision to offer the platform free of charge, after seeing the positive impact the system was making within local communities of staff members, as they test trialed it in preparation of bringing it to market.

“It is a great solution to many of the challenges that local community leaders are facing daily,”, stated Robert Davis, SVP of Communications for Epik, “as communications and the ability for personal engagement has suffered significantly due to social distancing recommendations put into place. The PrayerMeeting system allows anyone with a webcam to go online, type in a room name, and have instant video conferencing in two seconds. With no downloads, no logins, and no need for user ID’s.”

For most people, the simplicity as they see it for the first time is truly amazing. The first to create the room, or the moderator, can choose to set some basic tolerance preferences, such as password protection, default on/off for both video and microphone, and other typical settings you would expect to find in a fully‐featured setup. Ultimately users end up with an instant‐on video environment, that anyone
invited can join, with zero setup or learning curve hassles. Start your room, tell your team, congregation, friend or family member the URL, and you can all be connected in seconds.

The tech firm Epik was founded in 2009, and started as a registrar and intellectual property firm, specializing in the management of high value domain name portfolios and other intangible property.

Over the past ten years, Epik has led or participated in the creation of nearly three dozen technology companies through their Epik Labs incubator, and the company was just recognized in March as the Best Registrar of 2020 by a group of over 900 of their peers.

With prior year winners including both Dynadot and GoDaddy, Epik led the pack due to their overall innovation and award winning customer service levels, while beating GoDaddy by a vote count of nearly two‐to‐one.

The PrayerMeeting video application marks one of nearly a dozen new solutions the company has published already in 2020, as they made the decision to facilitate free access to the system in an effort to help others address remote isolation.

Epik also offers personalized branded versions of the video system, allowing businesses to have their own customized personal platforms labeled and developed with their own branding and messaging.

Any organization or individual can have a fully functional video conferencing system built around their own unique web address within a matter of a few hours. For churches and other community‐focused organizations, a custom solution can allow every member of the community or organization to have access to an individual video platform, and access it for work or family use at their leisure. With no limit to the number of rooms that can be instantly setup on each system, each user is limited only by their own usage requirement and imagination.

For instant access to the free video conferencing system online, access PrayerMeeting.com.

For more information about custom designs and standalone solutions, call the Epik Agency at (815) 429‐3254.
Robert Davis | SVP Strategy & Communications

a: Epik Holdings, Inc. | WA | United States
e: robert.davis@epik.com | w: www.epik.com/labs p: +1.815.429.3254 | c: +1.815.780.0189 Twitter: EpikDotCom | Facebook: EpikDotCom

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