Quinstreet, Inc – Owner of CarInsurance.com dropping domains worth $30K

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Quinstreet, Inc. owns a number of domain names many of you might remember the record breaking domains / websites they acquired a decade ago with links to stories at the time which were covered by Andrew at Domain Name Wire.

CarInsurance.com for $49.7 million in 2010
Insurance.com for $35.6 million in 2010
Insure.com for $16 million in 2009

On there website they describe themselves below but basically they operate many websites which provide lead generation comparison site services.

QuinStreet is a pioneer in powering decentralized online marketplaces that match searchers and “research and compare” consumers with brands. We run these virtual and private-label marketplaces in one of the nation’s largest media networks.

Our industry leading segmentation and AI-driven matching technologies help consumers find better solutions and brands faster. They allow brands to target and reach in-market customer prospects with pinpoint segment-by-segment accuracy, and to pay only for performance results.

Our campaign-results-driven matching decision engines and optimization algorithms are built from over 20 years and billions of dollars of online media experience.

We believe in:

  • The direct measurability of digital media.
  • Performance marketing. (We pioneered it.)
  • The advantages of technology.

We bring all of this together to deliver truly great results for consumers and brands in the world’s biggest channel.

Today while I was search my GoDaddy Closeouts, I noticed a large number of dropping “City/Town/Area”MortgageRates.com domain names all registered back in 2001 and dropping together, so instantly realised these are part of someones portfolio doing a quick whois search, I can see that Quinstreet Inc are / were the owns and have let these 30+ domain names expire, I am not sure if any would get historical traffic but you can acquire these by using the links below if you want to own some aged previous lead gen financial domain names.

The below portfolio of domain names according to GoDaddy Estimate is worth $30,519 USD & could be acquired for $260.00 USD + Renewal fees of $17.99 ($557.69) – Total Investment would be $817.69 with a potential profit* if they sold for GoDaddy Valuation prices equals $29,701 – Now look the reality is you won’t get close to that 29K profit and it could take years for them to sell or maybe you acquire them all and actively sell as a portfolio to Quinstreet competitor, either way its interesting to see these domain names drop. Will you be acquiring any of these domain names below?

GoDaddy Closeout Domains Registration Year GoDaddy Valuation Buy It Now Price
orlandomortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,318.00 USD 8.00
tampamortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,282.00 USD 8.00
bostonmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,236.00 USD 8.00
mobilemortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,217.00 USD 8.00
yorkmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,162.00 USD 8.00
albanymortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,105.00 USD 8.00
seattlemortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,102.00 USD 9.00
fresnomortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,096.00 USD 8.00
phoenixmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,094.00 USD 8.00
naplesmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,040.00 USD 9.00
phillymortgagerates.com 2001 USD 1,030.00 USD 8.00
buffalomortgagerates.com 2001 USD 999.00 USD 8.00
jacksonmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 978.00 USD 11.00
spokanemortgagerates.com 2001 USD 950.00 USD 8.00
maconmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 948.00 USD 9.00
garymortgagerates.com 2001 USD 948.00 USD 9.00
memphismortgagerates.com 2001 USD 947.00 USD 9.00
renomortgagerates.com 2001 USD 947.00 USD 9.00
toledomortgagerates.com 2001 USD 944.00 USD 9.00
durhammortgagerates.com 2001 USD 943.00 USD 9.00
norfolkmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 940.00 USD 8.00
akronmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 933.00 USD 9.00
roanokemortgagerates.com 2001 USD 932.00 USD 8.00
lebanonmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 930.00 USD 9.00
stpaulmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 925.00 USD 8.00
duluthmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 904.00 USD 8.00
lansingmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 867.00 USD 9.00
nashuamortgagerates.com 2001 USD 785.00 USD 9.00
restonmortgagerates.com 2001 USD 768.00 USD 8.00
santafemortgagerates.com 2001 USD 627.00 USD 8.00
sumtermortgagerates.com 2002 USD 622.00 USD 5.00

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