RabbitCages.co.uk: Amazon Store Update £180 Revenue 30 Days

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RabbitCages.co.uk the £3.49 domain brought £180 in revenue in the last 30 days, Last month I wrote about the Amazon stores that I have been setting up on my domain names instead of parking them, I offered to do this service for FREE* last month to other domain name investors who didn’t have hosting and we did get some interest but as the offer was tied to you setting up a hosting account where I get paid a referral fee some people weren’t interested in doing this, I fully understand and I respect their decision not to use my FREE* Amazon Store Setup. So instead of offering this service for FREE*, I am now putting a cost on it and you can use you own servers or hosting account. The cost will be $50 per domain name to set up in a similar style to RabbitCages.co.uk.

Here is the results from RabbitCages.co.uk, I bought this domain name on 24th of June 15 and setup the site at the end of June using Amazon Affiliate products. The domain name was a hand registration and cost me £3.49 at GoDaddy.com – I already had hosting so there was no additional costs for me to set up a hosting account and thus my investment so far has been £3.49 and 2 Hours approx. setup time to build out the site.

The site RabbitCages.co.uk now has an Alexa.com Rank of 2,705,452 and ranks ok in Google.co.uk for various terms, we have done ZERO SEO work and haven’t updated the site since end of June. We have sold in Revenue terms £180.00 that equals about $281US Dollars in Revenue while that is sales made to Amazon.co.uk, we only see a small percentage of that total amount we get 7% on this category so our earning was £12.74 which is roughly $20.

This isn’t a massive amount of money but lets look at the bigger picture I have recouped my cost of £3.49 and made a profit of £9.25 and can now hope to see the sales grows every month as we can justify spending an hour per month adding more products and hope to rank better for SEO terms in Google.co.uk.

This means that RabbitCages.co.uk could earn us £9.25 x 12 months = £111 I would expect as a minimum annual but we will probably be closer to £150 – £200. That would equal to approx. $170 US Dollars minimum and then closer to $235 – $300 USD. That is a great healthy return and we are seeing similar numbers on our other sites such as BraSizes.co.uk.

So if you own a stronger domain name with lots of traffic the potential really is massive and I would say worth the $50 investment or have it built for FREE* if you use my hosting provider.

I know most people are sceptical of what others say without proof so I have taken a Snippet of the sales and profit below to prove what I have said… It works people so if you have a domain name with traffic but low PPC then turn it into an Amazon store and get a better return on your investment.

Amazon.co.uk RabbitCages.co.uk Profit

What amazes me is that the domain name RabbitCages.co.uk was available for hand registration and while the companies that sell on Amazon could have owned this domain for only £3.49 and got £180 of sales in one month at an even better profit margin than the money they would have paid out to Amazon in commission for getting them the sale.

Also once you can prove this revenue stream you can decide to develop more domains, approach the end users of the products you are selling and offer them the domain for sale or list it on sites like Flippa.com, NamePros.com or DNForum.com and sell based on revenue / profit plus the value of the domain name.

If you think this is a one off site RabbitCages.co.uk here is a snippet taken showing Total Sales from my other stores that I setup using the programme, This is only for the 5 Sites I have live at present but we earned £650 in revenue terms and £41.52 in commission on these sales, I know it is not the greatest margin in the world but these are sites that cost me £3.49 and a few hours to set up that are paying for themselves and more already… I am about to start rolling this out to many others and have been acquiring other exact match .co.uk to continue and built this income stream.

July Earning Amazon

If you are interested then please feel free to contact me to discuss options further – Again I would emphasise the point I am not a Developer and wont be offering any custom code you will literally get what you see on my site RabbitCages.co.uk, however if you need a developer to do something more custom I can recommend some other companies that would happily undertake this work for example Acroplex one of our sponsors or other leaders in the domain name development community Tia Wood, Charlotte Gilbert, Adam Dicker and I can also recommend my Brother In Law Kevin Tweedlie who has just setup his own development company while studying Web & Graphic Design.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

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  1. Hey Rob!

    Great article. Are you simply hand registering an exact match domain name that has high search volume and receiving type in traffic to your domain? Or are you looking at the domains backlink profile before you buy as well which would help you receive more traffic throughout time.

    No SEO work is being done to these websites? That’s pretty cool.

    Looking forward to your response!


    • Omar, yes these sites are hand registered expired domains. Some have type in traffic but most are gaining traffic via Google.co.uk with Zero SEO.

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