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There is many different domain market places, and many users whom agree that they are “clunky”, “lacking end users”, and overall just not a good user experience!

A brand new domain name auction platform Ramped.com  has begun to take the domain name auction industry by storm!

Ramped is domain auction platform targeted to be the ideal for both (investors and end users), to “ramp up” their business by using and acquiring the right domain name.

“Ramped has started marketing heavily to many startup think tanks, as well as many venture capital firms in order to acquire and continue to grow our “end user bidder base”, and have a great (and growing) selection of domain names currently in auction!”

  • Cloudo.com
  • Surrogates.com
  • Fesa.com
  • GBY.com
  • Missionaries.com

“These are only a few of the many great names in auction right now!”

What makes Ramped different from other “domain auction platforms” is every single name that is submitted to ramped is actually “hand vetted”.

Each domain is either approved or rejected before the user is allowed to launch that name into auction.

Meaning ramped only accepts (end user ready) high quality domain names for ramped auctions, thus helping create a “clutter free” auction environment, for both investor and end users.

We didn’t just stop there. We know looking through a list of auctions can be quite a daunting task, and every investor and end user as a different type of preference when looking for their ideal domain name! That’s why here at Ramped we have simplified that process.”

Because ramped “hand vets” every domain submitted, it allows them to categorize domains into what they feel are the three major domain name “niches”.

Generic Words”, “Premium Brandables”, and “Short/Acronym” domain names.

“We really feel by segregating “Generic words” from domains such as “made up,  2 word brandables”, or even random 4L.com’s for example, will really help give each and every domain the right exposure and publicity it needs!”

We have found that if you’re looking for a great domain and have a certain criteria in mind (perhaps a generic keyword .com for example), then having a hoard of made up brandables could cause you to miss seeing that perfect “keyword” domain that you were looking for! (We call this auction list blindness).

However, with Ramped’s new “1 click” categorization options, they feel it will drastically help both investors and end users alike, to have a much enjoyable and productive time using an auction platform to find the perfect domain name!

Another great option that is currently only available at ramped is what they are calling “domain lease auctions”!

We love this concept as there is so many start ups out there who want “premium domain names” but don’t have a high 5 to 6 figure budget to risk on acquiring one.

By putting it in a “domain lease auction” the seller puts the “reserve” that they would be willing to lease the domain per month(minimum). From there, end users/devs etc.. can “bid against one another”, thus raising that “monthly lease price” by agreeing to pay more per month.

The monthly lease price would continue to go up until the highest bidder wins the lease!

“We feel this is a great opportunity for investors who are just “sitting on names” when they could be making a profit leasing them out to all these new start up companies. Its all upside for the investor, and dramatically lowers the risk for the “end user”, thus helping make more sales!

If the start up company fails, then the investor gets their domain back, and they can lease it out (or sell it) once again. However if the start up company does well, then they can acquire the domain from the investor at the “pre-determined” buyout price.

We feel like domain auctions can really help buyers feel like they are not “over paying” for a domain, as it is a great way to determine “real market value” by having other bidders in the auction.


A Few more notable features:

  • Ramped has partnered up with escrow.com and has completly integreted escrow into the platform! Just add your escrow.com email address in the “escrow” setting of your ramped profile and your good to go!
  • Ramped EVEN covers your escrow fees!
  • After a auction has ended sucsesfully Ramped automatically creates a streamline messaging interface (similar to imessage or google chat) just between, escrow the buyer and seller,  that will help walk you through the process until the very end!
  • We don’t charge you to go premium!! At ramped (unlike other platforms) we don’t want to nickel and dime you to get “Home Page, Premium listings” at the cost of your domain (still not selling). If your name qualifies as a premium listing then you simply choose to do a 15% success fee (that is only charged  if your domain successfully sales). All non premium listings are always just a basic 10% (once again ONLY if your name sales successfully).

There is even few more really cool features we are implementing into ramped as we speak!

For limited time, all users who go sign up at Ramped.com right now will receive 3 “free listing credits”!!

Ramped.com is a great new way to buy and sell your names, and we really think it will be a great addition to the domain name community!

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