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We have launched our own Domain Name Reseller program named and while there are so many Domain Registrars online already and resellers too, we have one aim for Domainers to keep the renewal costs low, we have all been lured into many Domain Registrars who offer crazy low prices like $1 to register a domain then when you want to renew they jump the price up to $20 or $30 to try and make their profit back and just hope that you keep auto-renewal on your domains.

As many of you know Domaining is a lifestyle business for me and it isn’t something that I need to do to keep the lights on or feed my wonderful family, however, it provides me with a great secondary income stream and you know what else, I love this industry!

So my aim is to alway match the registration price with the renewal price/transfer price wherever possible, it’s really simple – will aim to keep prices as low as possible and then match the renewal, this means we can’t do crazy promos like the $1 registrations however wouldn’t you like to know that your domain investment isn’t going to jump up in price for renewal after that first year.

Let’s take Dot Com – Currently available on for $8.99 per year – This is a good solid price and comparable to most registrars in the industry a few cents more than some, however, it’s still kept under $10. We shall offer the renewal in 12 months for the same price Guaranteed – How much will make in profit from your Dot Com registration, a whopping 70 Cents and its the same in the renewal.

Yes – 100% you can register your Dot Com domain name cheaper elsewhere, Heck I will even show you who $8.88, $8.49, $8.53 to name just a few & There are others who are more expensive too such as (Unless you’re a new customer),, etc all around $10 – $12 price range.

Let me tell you something about the above they are all great domain registrars, I even used to use them all frequently and still have a few domains with some of them currently, that I will be transferring over to– They offer great products and service, I would say stick with them as they offer some great deals and options that I can’t offer due to being a reseller only.

So why am I even bothering to launch, I myself have experienced the low prices to register a domain name, sometimes it’s a real gamble domain that I just don’t know if I should hand register or not and get lured in by the crazy low registration price then when year two comes along we think, should we hold this or drop it?

I’ll put my hand up I am a lazy domainer when it comes to renewals, I tend to stick with the same registrar, I don’t even look at where is offering the best transfer rate, I either choose to renew it with the same registrar or drop it. I know that isn’t the smartest of choices however its true and how many of you do the same thing?

Wouldn’t you rather like to know that if you paid $9 for a domain name and in 12 months time, it’s going to be another $9 to renew that same domain name – I know I would want to know that, wouldn’t you?

I am not going to get rich by offering these prices unless we get to something crazy like 1 Million Domains under management but being realistic, I might get 10,000 domains under management one day and guess what that will make me $7K per year, like I said this isn’t me trying to make a million bucks from domainers, it’s just me wanting to help everyone out with a simple promise – Register your next domain name with us, even just one domain and see if I keep my word… What you got to lose?

I am still playing about with the pricing on many of the gTLD’s and other extensions so if you see a particular domain extension and think that’s Expensive, it’s probably setup at the standard reseller pricing, just drop me an email and I will personally jump into the backend and see how low I can fix the cost for you at registration, renewal and transfer.

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