RESULTS: How Many GTLD’s Have You Sold in 2015

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Thanks to everyone who took time to take part in this poll – In total there was 37 votes not the biggest number of votes considering that over 200 people viewed that post but I want to Thank those who took the time to vote.

The results are as follows for How Many GTLD’s Have You Sold in 2015?

Zero Sales of GTLD’s – 24

1 – 5 Sales of GTLD’s – 8

5 – 10 Sales of GTLD’s – 1

10 – 15 Sales of GTLD’s – 0

15+ Sales of GTLD’s – 4

You can view the results by viewing this post here.

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  1. i didn’t vote – i’ve sold 3 and could have done ten based on legit offers, but I am holding out

  2. The question to ask is not how many domains but what sort of cash flow are domain investors generating from their new domain holdings. I believe in most cases the answer is negative – renewal costs exceed sales revenue.

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