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So have you invested in Bitcoin? It’s one of those things that I wish I had a number of years ago, I recall being in the casino one evening (Early hours in the morning) I got talking away to someone who I had never met before in my life and he was telling me all about Bitcoin and how he had been paid in bitcoins way back in the early days 2010 or something like that and this was in around Christmas 2017 when they first hit there all-time high of around $18,000 USD… He was over the moon at the price and spending big that night based on the bitcoin price…

We all know what happened after that it eventually crashed to around 3,000 USD and has since recovered and appears to be on a great rally the past few weeks… So is now the time to buy? Will, there be another slump, or will it hit $100,000 USD a coin… One thing for sure is that Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream, Paypal will start to accept it in 2021 which is huge news for the Bitcoin investors more trust shall bring more people willing to invest… However, you need to still be wary check out this Scam post from today on Robbies Blog.


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Robbies Picks of Expired Domain Name Auctions from GoDaddy

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