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I hope everyone is having a fantastic day? Shane has spoken about this and a few others, GoDaddy has a few bugs right now if you are using Safari as your default browser, when visiting the links below you won’t actually be able to bid on the domain names or see the price, this is the same on Desktop or your iPhone safari browser, so if you are wanting to bid or get the domain prices on my picks below you need to do this via Chrome or Opera.

As always thanks for visiting the links below and if you are bidding or buying anything at GoDaddy we would massively appreciate you clicking the links below then visiting your checkout cart as we only get paid on the last cookies that brought you to the site – Thanks, everyone.

If you really want to help us out you can bookmark This Link To GoDaddy Here & It means we will always get paid if you click through it every time. However, if you are shopping at Shane’s blog or others then please complete your names with him… We are fishing in the same pool of customers and trying to survive so every click-through and checkout counts to pay for our servers and time.

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Robbies Picks of Expired Domain Name Auctions from GoDaddy

Join Our Members Only – Area $5 Per Month – CLICK HERE!!!

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