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Welcome everyone to another edition of Robbies Blogs domain name auction picks, today I have curated a list of aged domain names in Auction, The first part of the list currently has bids and the second are domain names in an auction without bids.

All the of the domains are over 20 Years, Do you want to see more domains like this featured on the lists at Robbies Blog, Do you prefer domains with bids or Zero Bids?

Happy Bidding Everyone & Don’t forget to check out these popular posts from Robbies Blog this week, Interview with Richard Lau from, Domains Owned by The Castello Brothers and Whois Information on the 676 Registered Dot Com Domain Names & 676 Registered Dot Net Domain Names.

Aged Domains with bids in an auction – 27 Years Old

StarFire.Net – 25 Years Old – 25 Years Old – 25 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old

Aged Domains ZERO bids in an auction. – 25 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 24 Years Old – 23 Years Old – 23 Years Old – 23 Years Old

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