Robbies Picks of Expired Domains but also the one where I am bidding too.

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I thought I would change this up a little, so many people have asked me what domain names do I bid on at GoDaddy and Dynadot expired domain name auctions, am I just trying to push domain names that I don’t want… The short answer is No, I pick domain names that I like it’s that simple and some of them myself I am bidding on and others are just nice to owns that I believe have potential so for the sake of transparency I shall now also share domain names that I have a bid placed on them also where you shall see below it will state, *** ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING ***.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding! – The equestrian sector is big money and this domain name could be used for many Horse related activities. – Nice aged Dot Com, Bit is normally associated with technology and this domain name could be used for BitCoin or another type of website. – The Double RR could cause some typo’s possibly but still a nice domain name *** ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING ***

Workers.Net – This domain name makes me think Trade Union or some sort of Industry related body to protect workers. – Did you get My Text? ***ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING*** – Yes it’s missing an E but a lot of others using this name in there website ***ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING*** – Nice short – Some domains ending in X are hot others are now. I like this one. – Got to be a gambling related opportunity here – The industry is in trouble and lots of nice names are dropping, could this be a great Meta Search domain? ***ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING*** – Every company that has employees is probably using some form of Payroll System. – Nice brandable Dot Com ***ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING*** – Fantasic name for an industry that only seems to grow each year. ***ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING*** – Home to 83,000 Residents small niche but Zero Bids starts at $12 – Being Scottish, I love this name and guess what ***ROBBIE BLOG BIDDING*** – $5 Buy It Now – $5 Buy It Now – $5 Buy It Now – $5 Buy It Now – $5 Buy It Now

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