RUMOUR: Google To Push Custom Domains For GMAIL

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According to a post on UberGizmo – The Big G is looking to push domain name registration as another revenue stream and tie the customer down to using Gmail – The Google Email Service while letting the customer use their own domain name for Gmail it appears that they need to hand register via the Google Domain Registrar.

This is purely a rumour at present but is great news IMO for the domain name industry – This is going to show the everyday person who doesn’t know much about domain names that they can’t just get their Com, .CO.UK, . GTLD etc as others will have already paid the privilege to own their domain name. It will hopefully show more people that getting a good strong generic domain name or own their own first name / family name isn’t that easy to just hand register and further drive up the price of domain names in the domain aftermarket.

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Here is the article below.

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customized gmailIf you’ve signed up for Google’s Gmail email service, your email address basically ends at “”. This is pretty standard, although if you wanted your own custom URL, you’d need to purchase that separately. However according to a report from GSMArena, it seems that Google could be getting ready to offer up customized Gmail addresses themselves.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the prices start at $2 a month which will give users their own custom Gmail address, letting them choose “”, subject to availability of course. However for $2, that’s all you will be getting and you won’t be getting additional storage.

However if you want added storage, you can pay $5 a month which is more or less the same feature, but with 30GB of email storage, online support, and access to business tools. Granted this is aimed more at companies, but we don’t see why regular folks can’t just sign up for it themselves either.

We have to admit that $2 a month doesn’t sound too bad to get your own custom Gmail address, especially if you’re not familiar with the process of setting up your own domain name and having email forwarded to your Gmail account and so on. No word on when Google will officially launch this service, but is it something you might be interested in?

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