Sellers asking for a % of resale – A new trend?

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Today: Free domains? / Traffic declines drastically after the ownership change / — Should We Be Worried? / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

[BUYING] CBD | Cannabidiol | Hemp Related Domains – Be sure to check your portfolio for one of these niche domains. this buyer is ready to invest.

Appraisal Request – AR70.COM – What kind of value does a domain like this have? Sold for $3,815; for $3,805 – Some recent sales reports to get you motivated.

Traffic declines drastically after the ownership change – Looks like this might be a bit sketchy. Just goes to show that investors should research everything before buying a domain based on traffic.

Free domains? – Do those type services still exist? I think I heard that they do, but that they can reclaim the domain at any time. — Should We Be Worried? – It seems lots of investors are reporting a downward spiral of this escrow company. Is there room for concern or is it just a conspiracy theory?

Sellers asking for a % of resale – A new trend? – I’ve started seeing more and more sellers applying such a guidelines in their sales agreements. Is this becoming a new trend that targets resellers?

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