Small Businesses Lose There Desired Domain Name As They Wait Too Long To Register Them

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Small Businesses Lose There Desired Domain Name As They Wait Too Long To Register Them

In an article posted by it covers the story about UK Small Businesses losing their companies domain name as they wait to long to register them, On average 22% of  small businesses launching new companies shall registered itself with Companies House first (Where You Form A Limited Company in the UK) before they actually purchase their domain name.

An Interesting fact from the story is 84% shall build their website within 3 months of forming their company but 12% actually build there website within the first day.

I would assume that means they register and put a simple lander or basic page up but you never know some people might actually be able to build there website in one day using these new custom one page lander that many of the domain registration companies now offer often for free.

What are your thoughts? As Domainers Do you ever check Company House New Registrations and see if the company has purchased their domain name?

Here is the full story below.

“54 per cent have not registered their company name on either Facebook or Twitter, research shows.

Over a quarter of small business owners wait months after they’ve registered their company name to register their domain name, risking losing out on their preferred .com or web address, according to new research.

With so many small businesses going to Companies House before they check for their desired domain name, 1 in 5 (22%) actually lose their preferred name and have to settle for a name not related to their company at all (21%).

Domain name company found that many of those surveyed are relaxed about owning their online brand – coming to regret this later on when they miss out on their domain name. Two thirds of business owners (63%) admit they registered their company name after establishing their business.

However, not all businesses are as forgetful on registering their company name. More than a third (35%) admit to registering their domain name before they launched their business with 25 per cent even building their website before launch. 49 per cent also say that they have registered multiple domain names to protect their company name or expand their business.

Other key breakdowns from the research include:

• 84 per cent of small businesses launch their website within 3 months of their company, with 12 per cent building their website in a day.

• 10 per cent of businesses take over a year to get a website online.

• 27 per cent of businesses have registered Facebook and Twitter accounts, where as 54 per cent have neither registered.

The research also showed that 25 per cent of businesses might consider changing their name, given the chance. A further 10 per cent of entrepreneurs admitted to not being sure if they even like their company name at all.”

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